House painters

Not all rooms can be representative and not each of them is large. If you choose the right technique, template and colours, most of lacks can be eliminated. Geometric shapes can also help us (e.g. if you use vertical stripes, room will appear to be higher). Horizontal stripes on the floor can make the room longer and crosswise stripes on the back wall make it wider and lower. If you use them on a floor, a room looks to be wider and shorter. Geometric shapes are clean and modern mostly in the combination with colours with similar effect.

Yellow – happiness, confidence, good luck, friendship

Sun colour stimulates to learn, brings inspiration, improves memory and brain action, work easily and bring a feel of freedom, stimulate activity and communication.

Blue – sureness, countenance, relaxation, deepness and faithfulness

Dark blue indigo joins energy of 6 rainbow colours. Doesn´t irritate, but warms and stimulates our organism. Therefore is this colour sought after by old and sick people. It suppresses and brings a good mood, relaxation and calms.

Red – love, fire and blood

Stimulates activity, energy, evokes warm, love and developes progress and egoism. This colour is not convenient for people psychicaly guick-tempered and grumpy. Stimulates, gives energy, will and stimulates temerity in decision making.

Green – relaxation

Balances emotions, brings harmony. This colour is joined with hope, regeneration, survivance and safeness. In rooms where dominates green is spread sureness, calmness, guietness, firmness, traditions and prevention.

Purple – the same effects as blue and indigo.

Leads to core and is hold to be colour for harmony. Concentration, safeness, meditation, closeness. Leonardo da Vinci who can be consider to be a great person says that purple windows of cathedrals can multiple increase meditative and spiritual results, brings concentration, safeness, meditation and closeness.

Orange – youth

As all colours that generally encourage, including digestion and apetit, this colour bring abbility to active communication, sun, warmness and sensuality, gives vitality and feel of happiness and good luck. Brings optimism and helps to deal with emotions.

Lemon – yellow with green mixture

This form of colour brings to our routine life more freshness, carelessness, awakeness, happiness and ambitions of getting to know everything new more than yellow itself.

Rose – stimulates life functions of people

This colour takes harmony from purple and energy from red. This colour is not so egoistic as purple and brings calmness, warmness, heartiness and tenderness.

Light blue – sky colour

The symbol of airiness of clouds is carried over to ideas which are spread far away. Light shade of blue inspires to dream and desides for cleanliness.

Grey – is made of mixture of all colours

Brings neutral impression, is seeked out by sceptics, irresponsible people and people who can´t make decission. It is neutral colour and doesn´t interrupt calmness, commonness.

Brown – soil and loam colour

Characterize flexibility, necessity and reality. It is colour of allegiance and dependance. Person who loves brown can be called materialist. Gives the feeling of stability, sureness and connection with land and nature.

White – heat of light, all colours synthesis

Symbolizes cleanliness of body, mind and icy coolness. Brings light, lightness, cleanliness and emptiness. If we are not sure which colour is the best to be chosen, we cannot make a mistake if we choose white. Symbolizes cleanliness of body and mind and icy coolness.

Black – pressure, darkness, gravitation

Is opposite of white – doesn´t reflect back. This colour is full of emotions, protest and despite.